Here are a few causes why:

1. An Out-of-date Cash App

Using an outdated cash app is a common cause you can’t request a payment using your Cash App Query  account. All you want to do is go to Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store to update your application to solve this problem.

2. Poor Connection Of Internet 

Using a deprived internet connection can also keep you from request payment on the Cash App. You don’t must to use the fastest presented connection, but you want to make sure it’s stable.

3. Incorrect Payment Information

Before making a payment appeal using your Cash App account, you need ensure that you’re using the correct payment details. Unfortunately, many people use incorrect personal info such as the e-mail address, mobile number, and “CashTag” of the receiver while making a payment appeal.

It’s one of the most common causes most Cash App transfers and payment requests fail. The payment appeal or Cash App transfer page turns red in such cases. To rectify this problem, you want to double-check and re-confirm the payment information of the receiver before generating the cash app fee request or send payment.

Keep in attention that the Cash App transactions are instant. Therefore, you can’t back any Cash app transaction even if you transfer cash to the wrong person by accident. Additionally, the Cash app also doesn’t allow its users to send or receive cash if there’s a potentially fake payment.

4. Turned off Appeal Settings

If the receiver of the appeal has turned off the payment appeal feature in their account, you won’t be capable to send them any payment appeal. However, it’s by far the most common cause, and you can question them to turn this feature on.