To make it clear, it is member-only content with three different Abyssal Slayer Creatures, with its primary objective to challenge the most accomplished combat players. You must have a Slayer skill 95 and above to be able to play it OSRS Buy Gold. We've got more information about the latest event here, as well as a trailer which reveals what you can expect from the event.

Within the deepest parts of this city, Senntisten the portal has been opened allowing creatures to pass through. Players will need to battle through the slayer dungeon Senntisten Asylum, and face three new high-level Slayer creatures.

Abyssal Savage (95 Slayer), Abyssal Beast (105 Slayer), and Abyssal Lord (115 Slayer). The Slayer update commemorates the five-year anniversary since the concept of the three demons was revealed to the players in the year 2017 and was frequently requested by players in the RuneScape community.

The brave will reap huge rewards, with armour spikes upgrading for more damage, a tier 85 melee power armour helmet that increases the effects of adrenaline, as well as the brand new 92 melee weapon called the Abyssal Scourge.

The weapon serves as an update to the renowned Abyssal Whip that was first added to RuneScape over seventeen years ago. RuneScape's Yak Track is back from today through April 24th, where players can get their hands on Elder Gods themed cosmetic rewards and pets Old School RS Gold , by participating in fun and varied tasks all over Gielinor.