QuickBooks PayPal Integration, Connect PayTraQer to your QuickBooks company.

Once you've connected your QuickBooks account, you'll be taken to the Payment Systems menu screen, where you can select the PayPal tile and click the Connect button. When you click it, a new window opens that redirects you to the PayPal screen where you can grant permission.

Your PayPal account connection is private and secure. PayTraQer only requests a READ-ONLY connection to your PayPal account, which can be terminated at any time via the settings screen.

When you click the "Grant Permission" button, the connection will be authorised and you will be redirected to the PayTraQer screen.

You will then need to configure some basic settings for this PayPal account in order for your sync to be accurate.

Preferences in Sales

Configuration of a PayPal Sales account in PayTraQer:

This option controls how your sales transactions are recorded in QuickBooks. The default values provided will be created automatically in QuickBooks for you and are recommended for accurate bookkeeping.

Product Configuration

PayTraQer PayPal Product Configuration:

This setting determines how Products/Services are synced. If you enable "Create Product/Services Automatically," missing items in QuickBooks will be created automatically during sync.

Tax Preferences

PayPal tax settings in PayTraQer:

Enabling this option will sync your records with the tax calculation. Otherwise, the tax amount will be added to the transaction amount and not recorded.

Fee Configuration 

PayPal Fees in PayTraQer:

This setting controls how PayPal fee details are recorded in QuickBooks. For the expense transaction corresponding to the PayPal fees component, you can configure the default vendor, expense category, and expense bank account.

Expense Configuration

Configuration of PayPal Expenses in PayTraQer:

Set the default vendor, expense category, and expense bank account for the expense transaction that corresponds to the PayPal expense transactions.

This is just a quick start setting; the full set of options can be found under the Sync Settings menu.